Of all the Arts, the art pertaining to the role of numbers and letters in a man’s life is the most ancient one.

Numerology is as old as our ancient civilization.

Numerology is the science of numbers . It describes the forces behind numbers. Though Numerology has been in use for centuries together in some form or the other, It underwent a lot of changes in modern times.

Advanced Numerology is the study of secretive and occult side of the numbers. It has it’s base in cheiro’s numerological principles and time tested centuries old predictive principles of Vedic Astrology.

Birth of an individual on a particular day was not accidental but was predetermined by some unknown factors governing the universe and that’s the date of birth had a definite influence over the life of that individual.

There are Nine Planets and Nine Numbers in the universe. Each planet is represented by a Number , or each number is represented by a planet. An individual is under the influence of three planets at the time of birth . These three planets will decide the character, strength , weakness, drawbacks, likes, dislikes , fortune , luck etc. These three planets will have their influence on the individual through out his/her lifetime. Hence, these three planets or numbers are very important and play a crucial role in human’s life . After birth , an individual is given one name as per their tradition and customs, with this name he is under the influence of other planet , few people are called by nick names, pet names, short names , initial’s etc. with each kind of usage he/she is under the influence of different planets. The called name or used name is more powerful than the written name . overall , the individual is under the influence of five to six planets throughout his life , these planets , numbers play a major role in his/her life. There should be very good relationship between the numbers governing the Date of Birth and Name. etc for overall improvement of an Indivudal .

Present day Numerology is restricted to Name corrections, lucky No’s , Lucky stones etc. and lacks the clearcut method of predicting the future events. But research has proved that by applying the principles of Vedic Astrology to the Basic Numerology we can predict each and every event in one’s life , every one undergoes good and bad periods in one’s life. Through Advanced Numerology we can draw a Birth chart , and predict the good and bad periods and can even predict the major/minor incidents in his /her life.

Advanced Numerology is generations a head of present day Numeorlogy.