It is possible only in Grhasthasrama to achieve the four purusarthas namely Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Dwelling ( House ) is the important activity in making Grhasthasrama complete.

Vaasthu is derived from the word Vasanivase . Vaasthu is discussed at length in Silpa Sastra. Mayamata a Scientific book which means that vaasthu is the place where gods or human beings reside. Vaasthu Sastra and jyothishya have their base in the rotation of earth , movements of planets and other natural phenomenon. Vaasthu sastra enjoys a significant position from the puranic age. Vaasthu sastra is the science of Architecture. It dates back to the vedas, the knowledge books of ancient India. Even in ancient ages vaasthu played an important role in construction of temples, houses and other structures. The science of Vaasthu plays predominant role at all times , all ages, all parts of the world. Vaasthu has become a part of our lives. This science was framed by ancient saints like Visvakarma , Maya, Tvasatra, Kasyapa, Bharadwaja, Bhrgu, Manasara , Agastya etc and the next generations adopted the sastra. Astrology according to vedic tradition was evolved through three branches. Siddhantha, Samhita and Hora. Siddhantha analyzes direction, region , time & movement of planets. Samhita explain the good and evil of these and prescribes Muhurthas. Hora is a predictive science. Vaasthu Sastra belongs to Samhita branch which delineates the rules governing construction of houses.

A House should be comfortable with proper facilities. A serene house will bring health, wealth , enthusiasm and energy. The environment at home should encourage the inmates to maintain a higher profile in their respective fields. Vaasthu Sastra determines the parameters which are required to be examined when we are constructing a house or building. If the house is not constructed as per the princples of vaasthu , it leads to destruction of the family. Perfect vaasthu of the house will help the owner to live in peace , harmony & comfort. If the house construction is made according to the principles of vaasthu, there is no need for any kind of fear generated by persons with half baked knowledge. House construction on the basis of vaasthu will give us health, peace of mind, bliss. Human life is of a comparatively shorter period one has to be healthy and lead a peaceful life for which he needs Nature’s cooperation. The movement of Vaasthu purusha is correlated to the movement of Sun. The sun is the energy factor for living beings on the earth. The sages of ancient ages have given us the vaasthu purusa energy with the energies of Lord Sun. Thus vaasthu purusa is giving energy to the mankind as per the magnetic forces embedded in the main doors of the house. If the human beings are to lead a peaceful life, they have to understand the concept of vaasthu sastra and construct houses accordingly. Vaasthu sastra is a part of jyothishya sastra, which itself is a branch of vedangas. The importance of vaasthu is increasing in modern times. To enjoy life with comforts, pleasures and for a long life residences, commercial establishments should be built according to the rules enunicated in the Vaasthu shastra. Without proper understanding of the vaasthu , the pseudo intellectuals are known to create fears among common people who make changes in the constructions having been misled that there is a defect. The study of this science will enable mankind to achieve happiness through scientific construction of houses.

Many great personalities sages saints have found out great inventions for the betterment of mankind. Vaasthu is one among them . If the house is body, Vaasthu is the soul.