Success stories

Sri . Ramakrishna reddy
Senior Advocate
(Supreme court and High court )
Hyderabad Telangana
First Advocate General High court of Telangana
I am Senior Advocate from AP High court recently appointed as first Advocate General of Telangana State by our Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri. Chandrasekhar rao Garu . I have been regularly consulting Numerologist and vaasthu consultant Sri. Ramesh garu for my personal and professional needs since 2006 . I am proud to place on record that all his analysis and predictions were accurate. I am totally convinced by his method of prediction through Advanced Numerology . I wish him grand success in all his endeavors .

Sri. Roshan singh
Businessman Hyderabad Telangana
I am happy n glad to share my experience and how my life changed after my regular consultation with Ramesh ji ..
Year 2004 my life was in deep mess inspite of having an international post graduate degree and wonderful joint family.. after coming back from canada n getting married here in hyderabad i was totally stuck with everything going up and down in my life as no job , got divorced and was feeling very depressed..Than someone suggested me to check my numerology from Mr Ramesh ji ..i went n met him personally at his house and took his advice and suggestions.. i started feeling how he knows what all going in my life ..and after following his suggestions my life came on the right track and by God’s grace today am blessed with High turnover own business, Exceptional wife and three wonderful children ❤ all my three children were given lucky names  by ramesh ji as per numerology
Till today i take consultation from rameshji and will always pray to god for his good health and happy life.
Thanking Rameshji once again from bottom of my heart
RegardsRoshan singh Hyderabad automobiles industry

Smt . Vaibhavi
Vice chairman TG Group of schools
Ramanthapur  Hyderabad Telangana
Thank you Ramesh Sir, i whole heartedly want to say that you have given me re birth, before i reached you i was daily in a well of problems, but now my life has changed a lot in terms of good furtune..

Iam quite happy to anounce that after changing my name in the year 2010 as per numerology fortune empowered me my old name was sirisha  new name suggested  by ramesh sir is Vaibhavi , after changing the name  i am successful  today i have my own identity, earlier i used to work for 20,000/- salary but now after changing my name down the line 2 years i have my own 4 schools with good turn over and now monthly income is more than a 3 lakhs, now i have reached to such a stage to create a brand in schools business,and  earlier in my family i used to face insults every day, but now by gods grace i m getting lot of love and respect even from my family..

i have decided to change my daughters name also last week as per numerology old name of my daughter was .Tanishka and new name is Pratibha
on my advice my friend also consulted ramesh sir and changed his name from pramod to Krishna and derived lot of positive changes after doing the same .

With warm regards

Sri. Bandakavi Srinivas
M.B.A., New Zealand
I am Bandhakavi Srinivas , M.Com., M.B.A., and International Business Management from New Zealand 37 yrs old , had 15 years of enormous experience in Banking and finance industry.

I have learnt Basic /Advanced Numerology & vaasthu from the Institute of Advanced Numerology and vaasthu and started practicing for around 3 years and results are amazing . Its changed most peoples life who believed in it including myself.

I could come out of my life hurdle’s and struggles and now I am in New Zealand ( which I never dreamt or planned in my life }. Now I am practicing here in New Zealand and helping people with Advanced Numerology and vaasthu . Thanks to Ramesh sir and the institute for this .

Sri. Nagarjun Tati
IT professional
Basildon, Essex , UK ( London )
I have been referred by a friend to consult Ramesh garu to get my house Vasthu reviewed which is sub-urban to London. Ramesh garu reviewed the plans and did a virtual tour over video call and pointed out few deviations in the construction and suggested few remedies  ( Yantras ) which I was able to implement with minimal cost. Since the remedies I can see the differences in some of the problems I am having are going away and was very happy with the support and Suggestions I have received from Ramesh garu. He was also followed up with me to check the status regularly which is very kind of him. I have also got my new house reviewed with Ramesh garu which is under construction in Khammam  in Telangana , India and I am going to implement the remedies he suggested. Ramesh garu is very knowledgeable and very supportive. Thanks for the help sir!!

Sri vasu
IT professional
Hi, My self-Vasu lives in USA, Consulted Ramesh Kumar Garu for floor plan review before construction of dream house in Chandanagar, BHEL in telangana state India  from Vaastu perspective. I found him through Google and not through any reference, so was bit apprehensive initially. However, after speaking to him and availing his services, really happy with overall experience. He came down to site during construction of house and checked all minute details of the construction and gave very logical inputs on what is good and what needs attention. Ramesh Garu comes with great knowledge in Vaastu, is quite prompt and responsive and extremely patient and explains everything with details and reason. Even if I ask a question, after a month, he answers happily. I’d definitely recommend him!

Sri Dr. Vedant Sharmaa
Numerologist , palmist,
tarot reader  &  KP astrologer Ujjain,
Madhya Pradesh
Born in Ujjain , Madhya Pradesh my father guruji gobind Sharma is a well known astrologer . I did my engineering from MIT , Phd in Insurance from Pennsylvania USA . I learnt palmistry , tarot reading , KP astrology from eminent gurus , I am interested and passionate about numerology , I Have read number of books on numerology, I searched online for good numerology Institutes and come across Institute of Advanced Numerology and vaasthu , which specializes in Advanced Numerology which is generations a head of present day numerology . I learnt Basic and advanced numerology online in the year 2008 from ramesh guruji  and practicing numerology all over India . I have given lot of numerology shows in all leading channels including ZOOM TV . Due to academic interest I also learnt   vaasthu course online from ramesh guruji in April 2015 . I convey my sincere thanks to ramesh guruji for guiding me in becoming a professional numerologist.

Smt Kavitha kshatriya
IT professional , pune , Maharashtra
Hi, am Kavita Kshatriya  from Pune , Maharashtra, with 15 years of IT experience.

I  had interest in learning Astrology so was looking for coaching in same. I came across  ‘Institute of Advanced Numerology, Astrology and Vastu’.  Wherein I learnt/completed Numerology and Astrology courses. Prior to this, I was enquiring for same on multiple websites so i happened to put my enquiry for this institute as well. I got a  callback within 2 minutes of putting my enquiry, which I felt was a good start.

Also, unlike other available courses this institute does not wait or have batches for which interested candidates need to wait for months. This courses is conducted one to one and has flexible timing , which makes it very convenient for the learner.

Astrology is a subject that takes years of learning to just get a gist of it. The advance numerology course offered in this institute  uses an Advanced method which makes this course duration of just few hours. Our respected Guru Mr. Ramessh sir explains with examples which makes understanding concepts easy. This is shortest duration course I could find for Astrology that can make a person capable of making  accurate predictions if we follow ramesh sir  fundamental principles.

Thank you Ramessh Sir for making these courses available to us.

Ms. Vrittii gupta
Interior designer,
Numerologist & Vaasthu consultant
New Delhi
I’m Vrittii, I am an Interior Designer by profession. I learned Vastu & Advanced Numerology from  Institute of Advanced Numerology & Vaasthu. It has been a great opportunity to gain such knowledge and I’m obliged to gain this knowledge from my Guru Sri. Ch Ramessh Kumar sir . Now I am a successful Vastu & Numerology Consultant in Delhi. I also take online consultancy through my Instagram page (mysticism_vrittii) and on-call.
Thank You for being a great mentor.

Sri Mrutyunjay pandey
Private sector , Numerologist & astrologer
Faridabad  Haryana
I am very thankful to Guruji for introducing me to the world of Numerology and Astrology. I found guruji vide interest  and in our first conversation only I felt a divine touch and knew that I have found a Guru. The style of his teaching is very simple, contemporary and easy to remember. After learning from Guruji , I am successfully practicing Numerology and Astrology, by the grace of Guruji I have good number of clients. Last but not the least I would like to say that till now I am in touch with Guruji and even now he showers his guidance and help me when I am in need of his knowledge. Overall, one of the most sincere and dedicated teacher for Numerology.

Sri . Amit
IT  professional
Bangalore Karnataka
My first step into the world of occult sciences was handhold by Ramesh Guru ji. Under his guidance I learned numerology (Advanced level) and Vaastu. He has a unique style of teaching; in simple words I would describe as “its effortless”. Till date I do not have to memorize any concept it just simply resonates with his stories connected to the concepts.
Also advance numerology is different from what you see people teaching it is accurate in terms of time and prediction.

Smt sudha rani
House wife
Mysore – Karnataka
I was deeply interested in learning  occult sciences and have come across Institute of Advanced numerology and vaasthu and spoke to ramesh sir over phone , convinced about his teaching and deep knowledge of numerology and vaasthu  and learnt Numerology , astrology and vaasthu in the year  2017 . I am thankful to ramesh sir for teaching these subjects in a simple and scientific manner whichhelped me in pursuing this as my profession.  Now I am successfully practicing numerology astrology and vaasthu. my pranams to ramesh guruji for making this happen in my life.

Smt Niharika
IT professional
I am Niharika from Mumbai working as an IT Professional.

I learnt the Numerology basic and advance course from sir and he has the course duration of very less time period.

And explained each concept in very detail till it’s understood.. also gave the examples and helps even after the class if any doubts… still I am in touch with him and he responds quickly when ever there is a doubt to clarify.

Mr. Priom gogoi
Business Man
Duliajan – ASSAM
The online course on NUMEROLOGY, VEDIC ASTROLOGY and VASTU helped me to understand myself more deeply and inspired to do my work with more effectiveness. Thanks to the brilliant course structure and thorough explanation of various concepts which not only enlightened me but also busted many myths surrounding my daily life.

Ms. Chandni aggarwal
Home maker
New Delhi
My name is Chandni Aggarwal and I am a homemaker and mother of a 2 year old . Since college time I was very much keen to get complete knowledge about Vastu Shastra but at that time I had to complete my graduation in Economics. But after marriage I decided to learn the principals of Vastu and Feng shui and then I found Mr. Ramesh sir , who taught me everything and told me the logic behind every thing . He gave me extra time whenever I needed it and taught according to my convenience  . I am thankful to him for the Vastu Shastra knowledge he provided to me.

Ms. Nisha
Spritual Advisor, Reiki Healer, lama Fera Healer and Master, Angel Therapist, Tarrot Card Reader and Recently Vastu Consultant.
Gujrat – Ahmedabad
I’d done Vastu shastra online course  by Mr, Ramesh Sir ,he is very knowledgeable ,supportive and good person.  I’m thankful n glad to Ramesh Sir and  iam giving consultantion on  vasthu shastra and a full fledged vastu consultant.

Ms. Pooja malkani
Fashion Designer Tarot Reader Numerologist
I just happened to find sir’s number while I was searching for someone who could teach me numerology.  I guess I was very lucky.

Sir’s in depth knowledge about the subject is truly amazing & the way he guided me at every step was really nice. I have done the Basic and advance course with Ramesh sir and I am very happy.

I am practising numerology and operating one youtube channel : pojaaamalkaanni

Mr. Pankaj Bhoi
Retd Government Servant
Sambalpur – Odisha
I have taken online course on Astro Numerology from Institute of Advance Numerology and Vaasthu ,Hyderabad under the guidance of Mr.Ch .Ramessh Kumar. His way of teaching  &  The classes are so sharp, he makes it so easy for me. I love his classes that are smartest class. After excellent completing the course I analysed the horoscope of some renowned persons like Mrs. Indra Gandhi , Mr Rajiv Gandhi  and my own son ,the events happened to them was matching with this Astro Numerology Course. There will be no darkness in my life as there is the ray of light of your blessings and teachings.

Dr Shankar Doctor
Hyderabad Telangana
I happened to consult ramesh sir for my brother in law numerology  name correction  and very much convinced about his style of consultation , after few years i was facing serious personal problems then i requested him for vaasthu consultation , he came to my house and suggested some corrections ( yantras ) for some of the vaasthu deviations , after installing the yantras i could see some relief from  my personal problems  and my mental status and financial status improved considerably . tks to ramesh sir for vaasthu corrections , and he responds quickly whenever i call him for any clarifications even after years of consultation.

Pharmaceutical Distributor
Hyderabad – Telangana
I learned Vastu from Ramesh Guruji. Guruji gave knowledge on all aspects of Vastu as per Hindu Mythology and Scientific research. This helped me to provide service to clients when they are purchasing/Constructing new homes and also providing remedies/solutions to their Vastu problems in both Mythological and Scientific way. Guruji’s way of explaining  every minute detail about Vastu is very clear and according to Hindu Shastra. I whole heartedly thank you Guruji for giving me such great knowledge about  Vastu and I am proud to be your Student.   I am successfully practising vaasthu as my part time profession along with my business and served number of clients in india .

Pooja Shah
Rekhi Grand Master , Tarot Reader , Hypnotheraphist,
Vaasthu Consultant and Counsellor
Pune- Maharashtra
Reiki grand master,  hypnotherapist, vastu consultant and counselor.
I wanted to learn more in vastu and numerology. Went to Hyderabad to learn vaasthu  basic and advanced courses .The knowledge I got was very informative and easy to understand.

Smt. Aruna ISIS ( Australia )
Fashion Designer Tarot Reader
NLP Practioner Reiki Grand Master .
Consultant for Fengshui , Numerology & Vaasthu.
Hyderabad – Telangana
I am 33 yrs old and did Fashion Designing from NIFT in the year 2003. Because of my academic interest in occult sciences learnt Fengshui in 2006 , Reiki in 2007 , Tarrot Reading in 2008 , NLP from Bangalore in 2010 , Angel Reading (ISIS) from Australia in 2011 . Though I have learnt many courses from different places and mastered them , could not take it as a profession due to various reasons beyond my control , there was some lacunae in my life and decided to learn Numerology because of its vast demand in the society . come across Sri. Ramesh garu through net and learnt Basic / Advanced Numerology and vaasthu in the year 2013 and with his able guidance took this as full time profession since 2014 . I am proud to place on record that , with the aid of advanced Numerology and vaasthu I am in a position to guide many people to choose their right path in the life , results are amazing and 85 % . thanks to ramesh garu and the Institute for showing me a respectable , profitable and dignified profession in my life. Recently I have also started Teaching Basic and Advanced Numerology and Vaasthu courses.f

Smt. M.Anuradha
BA LLB Advocate
Anantapur – Andhra Pradesh
I am 51 yrs old advocate practicing since 1998. Learnt Astrology in 1984 from Sri. Madhura Krishna Murthy sastry garu , Rajahmundry . Learnt Basic Numerology and Advanced Numerology for self satisfaction and enlightenment in 2013 from Sri. Ramesh garu , Hyderabad . I am practicing Numerology from 2013 . I am getting very good results , 99% of the people who got their name corrected from me are really happy. This is neither exaggeration nor boosting . I have professional sastisfaction after learning Numerology , thanks to ramesh guruvu garu for making Numerology full time profession for me .

Sri. Arvind
Warangal – Telangana
I am 41 yrs old computer hardware technician from Warangal District due to lack of job satisfaction and financial freedom decided to learn numerology keeping in view its demand in the present time . Learnt Basic and Advanced Numerology from the Institute after practicing for some time under the able guidance of rameshgaru took numerology as full time profession in Warangal district , I am proud to place on record that I am the first student from the institute giving live programme in tv ( T5 entertainment, DTV Max, R Max ). I have changed my name from Narendar to arvind on the advice of ramesh garu.

Sri. Narasimha Swamy
Zahirabad – Telangana
I am 39 yrs old working as a marketing executive from Zaheerabad, Medak dist. I have learnt Vaasthu / Astrology / Numerology from different sources and pursuing it as a hobby along with my marketing profession . I have done extensive research on numerology and in every book numerology is being used only for name corrections , lucky no , lucky stone etc. , but after watching rameshji numerology program Rasichakram on etv2 decided to learn advanced numerology , though I have come across one or two books on advanced numerology the course content in this institute is completely different , inspired by this learnt Advanced Numerology from ramesh garu which is generations a head from present day numerology through which we can draw a numerology chart and caluculate good and bad periods in one’s entire life like astrology ,after practicing advanced numerology under the guidance of ramesh garu quit the marketing job and iam proud to place on record that I have taken numerology as a full time profession in zaheerabad dist .

Sri. Anil Deshmukh
M.ScNumerologist and Vaasthu Consultant
Nizambad – Telangana
I am 28 yrs old private employee from Nizambad worked in several MNC’s as relationship manager as I did not get job satisfaction from the present job decided to learn Numerology because of its huge earning potential and respect it carries in the society . Learnt Advanced Numerology and vaasthu from the Institute after practicing numerology for some time under the guidance of ramesh garu left the private job and took numerology as full time profession touring different places in Andhra Pradesh and telangana districts.

Sri. Venkat Reddy
Nalgonda – Telangana
I  am 50 years old correspondent running two schools namely Shantiniketan High school and Brilliant High school at Annambole, Narketpally , Nalgonda Dist. Due to personal interest and keeping in view the demand for numerology decided to learn numerology , on enquiry it was found that Institute of Advanced Numerology and Vaasthu is the only institute offering coaching in Advanced Numerology . I learnt Basic numerology and advanced numerology from the institute and successfully practicing Numerology at Nalgonda district under the guidance of guruji ramesh garu  I have given number of shows on numerology in different electronic media .

Sri. Shaik kaleem
Nizambad – Telangana
I am 34 yrs old businessman from yedpally, Nizambad district , due to academic interest in occult studies met many astrologers, numerologists , palmists through out Andhra Pradesh but the experience with the numerologist ramesh garu was completely different , he is the only numerologist practicing and teaching advanced numerology a new concept in numerology since several years, I learnt Basic and Advanced Numerology from the Institute and practicing Numerology successfully at Nizambad under the guidance of ramesh garu .

Sri. Ravi
Hyderabad – Telangana
I am 55 yrsold business man by profession and having interest in occult sciences. I approached the Institute for coaching in Numerology . I find the course content very interesting . I also approached other Institutes teaching numerology but the difference is most of the Numerologists across the country use numerology for sundry things like name corrections, lucky no , lucky stones, lucky colours etc, but research has shown that through advanced numerology we can draw a chart of the person based on his Date of birth , and give full predictions like astrology . This new and innovative technique I learnt from this Institute through the coaching in Basic and Advanced numerology in the year 2004 . I am proud to place on record that in most of the cases the results are 90% . I Learnt vaasthu course also from the Institute in 2006 and practicing vaasthu and numerology since 2008 . I sincerely thank Ramesh garu for teaching Advanced Numerology and vaasthu in a scientific way.

Sri. Udaya Shanker
Executive Producer,
Hyderabad – Telangana
I was working in ETV as program incharge for Teertha Yatra . I was constructing a house at Hayathnagar , one of my friend who claims himself to be an vaasthu consultant visited my site and informed me that my house had a veedhi shula and it has to be disposed of immediately , I was very much depressed as I have paid substantial amount towards advance for the house , and it was practically next to impossible for me to sell this house and purchase another house , I know ramesh garu through rashichakram programme which is being telecast in ETV at 8.30 am , consulted him for a solution to my problem, ramesh garu visited my site and declared that there is no VEEDHI SHULA to my house and suggested some corrections in the existing plan and given a positive nod to continue with the construction without any fear , basing on his advice completed the house , and I am proud to place on record that after completion of the house I successfully performed my daughter marriage , got promotion in my job at ETV , purchased open plot towards east side of my house on the advice of ramesh garu and made an extension to my house . I thank ramesh garu for giving me expert advice and also reliving me from severe depression.

Smt. Akhila
Hyderabad – Telangana
I am 54yrs old singer by profession . My younger daughter and son’s marriage getting delayed because of which I went into depression. My elder daughter got married long back but facing some financial problems because of her husband’s professional problems. Numerologist and vaasthu consultant Ramesh garu visited my house , my elder daughter’s house and suggested some simple spiritual remedies because of which my second daughter got married on 29-8-2010 and presently settled in vishakapatnam and blessed with two children , my elder daughter husband changed his job and got very good job and presently settled in Bangalore . My younger son got married and blessed with a boy my grand son was named by ramesh garu as Anirudh in April, 2015 . I sincerely thank ramesh garu for solving my personal problems.

Sri . Saidulu
Hyderabad – Telangana
I am 55 yrs old into real estate business from vanastalipuram , Hyderabad. I was facing serious financial problems in my business , lot of amount was due from my business partners , relatives , friends for a long time few almost became bankrupt. I was planning to sell my house but could not get a good bargain for a long time. I happened to consult vaasthu consultant from the institute through my family friend , ramesh garu visited my house G+ 3 at vanastalipuram suggested some corrections and spiritual remedy , after performing the remedy much to my surprise I could sell the house for a good amount , and one of my partner paid me 3 lakhs amount immediately, I performed my daughters marriage she was blessed with a boy name for the boy was selected by the numerologist . my wife started a boutique recently at kothapet . I sincerely convey my heartfelt thanks to ramesh garu for helping me in disposing my house for a good amount and solving my financial problems.

Sri. Mahesh GoudPhysio Therapist & Accupressure Expert
Hyderabad – Telangana
I am 40 yrs old Physiotherapist and acupressure expert curing several chronic diseases through my treatment, to add spiritualism to my profession came in contact with Numerologist and vaasthu consultant ramesh garu after watching his rasichakram program in ETV , found the new concept in Numerology very interesting and learnt Basic and advanced Numerology from the institute and successfully practicing Numerology along with my profession under the guidance of ramesh garu.

Hyderabad – Telangana
I am 40 yrs old business man from Balapur , I was facing serious financial problems in my business , I had a old house given by my parents at balapur and want to construct first floor for the same , ramesh garu visited my old house suggested some corrections to the old house and given plan for the first house , I have constructed the first floor of my house under the expert guidance of ramesh garu . My business is running good now and thanks to ramesh garu for the same.

Sri. Rahul Babu
Sub Divisional Engineer – BSNL
Vishakapatnam – Andhra Pradesh
I am 55 yrs old working as SDE in vishakapatnam . My daughter was studying in 10 th standard in 2006 , I was very much worried about my children’s education . I happened to consult Numerologist at the Institute , he has corrected my daughter’s name and predicted through advanced numerology not to worry much about my daughter’s academic carrer . My daughter passed 10th standard with 83% and Iam happy about the progress , my daughter is studying in engineering in Gitam University , Viizag.
I am very much convinced about numerologist ramesh garu accurate predictions from time to tme.

Sri. Kumar Goud
Hyderabad – Telangana
I am 55 yrs old small businessman from Kothapet, Hyderabad. I was suffering from severe skin infections and other health problems. I happened to approach the Institute through my friend . Ramesh garu visited my house suggested simple priceless spiritual remedy , within short time my health and financial condition improved very much . Thanks to Ramesh garu for solving my chronic health problem.

Sri. Suresh
Hyderabad – Telangana
I am 45yrs old running a ration shop at Balapur , Hyderabad . Adjacent to my house , I have purchased a plot in the year 1999 , the party who has sold the property has entered into an illegal litigation and field a civil case vide OS 100/2000 in RR Dist court . I requested the Vaasthu expert to visit my house , ramesh garu came to my house suggested some corrections , accordingly I Have demolished the stair case touching the compound wall and also undertaken some other corrections as per his advice , much to my surprise I have won the long pending case on 31-3-2011. I have purchased several plots after this and constructing a huge apartment in balapur under the guidance of vaasthu consultant ramesh garu.

Sri. Buchaiah
Hyderabad – Telangana
I am 30 yrs old businessman from Hyderabad running a bakery shop at basheerbagh. I happened to consult Ramesh garu through my relative for professional problems, he visited my rental house and asked me to immediately change the place as it has got a toilet in the North east side of the house , though the house is in the good locality with less rent . I changed it on the advice of ramesh garu , Immediately after changing the house , my financial position improved got married and blessed with a child on 2-5-2011 she was named by ramesh garu as Dhanusha.
Sri. Varma
Hyderabad – Telangana
I am 55 yrs old BSNL executive from Hyderabad . My son’s marriage was getting delayed badly due to which I happened to consult Numerologist Ramesh garu , He caluculated through Advanced Numerology and predicted that my son’s marriage will take place in the month of May , 2015 . I am proud to place on record that My son’ s marriage is fixed on 7th may , 2015 at Palakollu. I am very much amazed and convinced about his accurate predictions.